My Summer Camp

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It was the last day of my summer camp, the night before my Boy Scout troop would pack all their gear and leave the coast of the Puget Sound, and go back to the suburbia where most of the kids in the troop lived. The last day of summer camp, at least at Camp Parsons, was the Hullabaloo. The Hullabaloo was a great gathering of all the patrols, in a large grass covered area, bordering a beach and then the Puget Sound. The whole area was dotted with green trees, and was overlooked by a very large cabin-like building, which acted as the meal room for all the troops at camp. The cabin-like building was a dark brown, built on the outside with logs, but on the inside a sort of insulated faux-log. The inside was very spacious and lined up along the walls were about 50 long tables for the various troops at camp. Even in this large room, there wasn’t always enough space to fit the scouts from all the troops, so it was safe to say that my patrol had a lot of competition. All the patrols would compete for a trophy (a carved block of wood, painted yellow and with the purple letters CP stating: FIRST PLACE). Each troop usually has more than one patrol, each patrol being about 5-10 people, so my troop (of about 25 people) had two. When we were all let loose from the cabin-like meal house to compete in various team-building activities and compete in stations set around the camp (stations such as fire starting, knotting, and building shelters), my patrol started sprinting over the hills and
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