My Summer Fun At The Family Farm

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My Summer Fun at the Family Farm
Childhood is the most important phase of any person’s life. It is when we start to improve our personality. I had many childhood memories, but the ones that I judge to be most important in my life were my summer times with my family on the family farm. Every summer my father planned our trip for weeks, and always a threatened to not let me go if my grades were low, but I knew that even with low grades I was going. My memories were great not just because my family, but the environment, and the people of the places we went.. When I was about 8 years old my family and I used to go spent the summer at the family farm. This farm was about 12 hours driving from our home. We used to start our trip in the night time and see the sunrise on the half way to the destination. My dad used to stop every year in the same restaurants to get breakfast and lunch. I remember that from year to year the food had the same taste and the place the same strong coffee smell in the air. I remember that I used to order a plate of scrambled eggs topped with cheese and French toasted that came out the stove melting accompanied with the butter that I never tasted on any place else. The closest city was 10 miles from the farm, so before getting to the farm, we needed to stop to get provisions. That city has the name of Flores and it is a little city with about 5 thousand people living in, and it is a beautiful city with a few businesses and an antique
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