My Summer Program Analysis

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I can still remember this past summer. I was chosen as an intern for a summer program called Horizons at Colorado Academy. My task was to educate and enrich children in six short weeks. I was prepared, knowing that I had taken various leadership roles over my lifetime. Yet I was still nervous at the task of working with a group of small children. My first day was perfect; it was a crisp, warm summer day. I met the teacher I would be working with, Ms. Kim, and anxiously waited for the buses filled with new faces. I met all of my new kids, and I connected with them instantly. We would have a long day ahead, starting with breakfast. We all walked to collect our breakfast for the day and headed down to the classroom when we were finished. This…show more content…
Ms. Kim and I did this through various ways, such as reading a new unfamiliar book. Then it was time for lunch, where we all sat together accompanied by children of the various PK-8 grades. Once we were done, we headed to recess and then back to the classroom, where we spent the whole day either learning or attending new locations, such as the art room or the music room. This happened for the whole week, and on Friday, we took a field trip to somewhere new such as the aquarium. Although I spent my days teaching this group, they taught me as well. They taught me how to have a different perspective in life, and how to relax and have fun. I am very lucky to have had this opportunity, and I will be returning this summer as well with the same group of children. I believe I was effective in helping these children in their education and enriching them with life lessons as well as with a love of learning that they will hopefully carry their whole lives. My goal in life is to be a part of my community and help others, and I believe I have been successful. As cliche as it may sound, I want to be a change in our world and positively affect and help others, even if it means giving advice to a
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