My Surprise At Your Surprise

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I love to cook and to my surprise so do my kids. They are always eager to help me anyway they can. I also find that letting them help prepare the meals adds to the excitement of eating them, even the healthy veggies. When prepping to cook with kids always make sure to have kid friendly tools that they can use. I allow them to use butter knives to cut, slotted spoons, pots, pans, rolling pins and the cutting board. When thinking of kid friendly menus remember to add you 're twist on the menu. Instead of just plain old boiled hot dogs let the kids slice them down the middle a few times and place them in a pan of hot water, boil until done and when you take them out they have a great octopus hot dog to place on a bowl of mac n cheese or cover in ketchup and let them play sea monsters. When making cookies allow them to roll out the dough and let them go at it with a few cookie cutters. If no cookie cutter are available look around the house, play dough cutters work great as well as cups and square blocks. If all else fails let them use their hands to make shapes and re-roll for correct thickness. My kids all time favorite recipe is graveyard pudding. I prepare the pudding while they crush up some Oreo cookies in zip lock baggies. Once the pudding is complete we sprinkle the cookie crumbs over the top, and start decorating with gummy worms and various candies. This recipe is fun and taste good. Letting the kids be hands on in the kitchen is a great life tool for them. Not only
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