My Sustainable Vision

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My Sustainable Vision

Briefly describe one of the places where you grew up.
When I was six or seven we moved from an apartment in chandler out to Queen Creek where I have since lived. When I first moved to Queen Creek it was a quiet rural town with not much to it. The neighborhood we moved into had quite a bit of houses compared to others and a small playground about half a mile away from my house. Ever since I was little I have played video games. I would play almost everyday after school and on the weekends. Also for Christmas one year I received a swing set which I was on four out of the seven days of the week. Another important element of my childhood was having a big backyard. My friends and I were able to do a lot of activities such as climbing in trees, tag, airsoft wars and swim. Since before I moved in I would hang out with my soon to be best friend. During the week I would go to school from about 8am until about 3:30pm. After school and on the weekend I would hangout with my friends and or ride my bike around the neighborhood. Until I got my own car my parents would drive me anywhere I needed to go and sometimes places I wanted to go if it was within reason. One major sustainable part of my life is that we grow a lot of our own fruits and vegetables in our backyard. We have a series of different fruit trees and bushes along with a small garden on the side of our house.

Describe your vision of a sustainable city or neighborhood.
In my vision of a
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