My Tai Chi Experience: My Fractical Experience Of Tai Chii

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Tai Chi Experience
Avneet Kaur (200396127)
KHS 131
Professor MacDonald
March 24, 2018

My practical experience of my first tai chi class outside the university was extremely informative and interesting. I took the tai chi and yang style class in the Chung Wah Kung Fu Centre. It was a small colorful studio with various items related to Chinese culture kept in it. There were colorful dragon heads, Chinese style swords and weapons, costumes, drums, Chinese paintings and sculptures all around. The instructors were wearing traditional tai chi clothes which was a white color costume with white running shoes. The studio was modern and comfortable with all the basic facilities. The instructor greeted me with a big smile saying Ni Hao in Chinese and was really friendly in nature. We started with the warm up and stretching exercises which helped me to tone up the muscles and increase their flexibility before beginning with the actual tai chi moves. The moves were carried out in the following order-neck, shoulder, spine,
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He was a really witty person and made the class even more enjoyable and interesting by explaining the mistakes in our tai chi moves in a humorous manner. He shared his experience of tai chi with us and said that it took him 25 years to learn the tai chi moves perfectly. He even said that tai chi really helped him to stay healthy and fit even in that elderly age. The other students who came to learn tai chi were all elderly people and after having a small interaction with them I found that they really found it beneficial for their joint pain. I really loved his teaching style because he made us do each move step by step and proceeded to the next move only when we were ok with the previous one. Everything was taught in a very systematic manner. He made the class even more relaxing and calm by playing a very soft Chinese style traditional music in the

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