My Take on "Top 6 Keys to Being a Successful Teacher"

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An article on called "Top 6 Keys to Being a Successful Teacher" lists six important traits all teachers should possess. These "keys" are sense of humor, a positive attitude, high expectations, consistency, fairness, and last but not least flexibility. While all these traits are equally important one must remember teachers are human and at times will exhibit one trait more or less than the others. It does not make her or him a bad teacher as long as they don't forget a trait altogether. My supervising teacher is Mrs. Lemons. I have seen her use all six of the mention traits in class at various times this semester. There are three that traits she uses on a daily basis. One of these traits she uses is a positive attitude. Mrs. Lemons always greets her students with a smile every morning. This puts a smile on all the children’s faces. I personally think this is because it makes them feel special. She doesn’t only exhibit her positive attitude in this way. Even when a student has been trying, and I can tell it frustrated her, she can keep her voice in that cheery tone the students are familiar with and smile no matter what’s happening. This keeps the rest of the class from being upset, acting okay, or whatever crazy thing a group of seven-year-olds would do with an upset teacher. It keeps order in her class and allows them to be as productive as possible. Consistency is another valuable trait Mrs. Lemons uses frequently. Her class knows exactly what to
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