My Target Market Is An Important Part Of Business Success

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In any business promoting your product or service is an important part of business success. Along with promoting your business it is important that other aspect are considered. It is important for a business to identify who their target market is, who are your competitors, what are you advertising and how will you market your business? All of these questions are an important part of success. The business I have chosen to open is a bakery business. This is a bakery where everything is make homemade with the highest quality ingredients. The bakery will offer homemade pastries, specialized cakes and authentic breads. My target market will be the college age students between the ages of 19-25 years old. The community surrounding the bakery anywhere from 12-65 years old and the tourist that pass through town. When promoting my products it is important to remember who my target market is and what I am trying to sell them. “Promotion consists of marketing communications that inform potential consumers about a firm or its product or service and try to persuade them to buy it” (Longenecker, J. G., Petty, J. W., Palich, L. E., & Hoy, F., 2014, pg. 448).
When future or potential customers walk by my store front or see an advisement of the bakery, they will know exactly what the business is promoting. I have named my bakery “Sweet Sensations” that creates a business name that is simple, memorable and connects to the consumers with no surprises, it is an important aspect. My

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