My Target 's Floor Pl How They Use Adjacencies Within Both Their Women 's Clothing Section

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For this assignment, I decided to visit Target while I was in New Braunfels to examine how they use adjacencies within both their women’s and men’s clothing section. As well as, seeing the career wear section for both sexes and how it is merchandised for the shopper. The retail industry is the kind of business that has a very high level of competition. Knowing this, retailers realize the importance of these attributes and why they are needed in order to create an ambience that will attract the market they are targeting. Merchandisers have strategically placed items together in hopes that shoppers will choose to grab that cardigan because it would go perfectly with the lace top that is placed next to it or that pair of leggings because it…show more content…
It’s stimulating to see how they used gender stereotypes when designing their floor plan because they know women love to buy clothing and accessories which is why those are next to one another, and they know that men love electronics and gaming which is why those are placed beside one another, as well. By using adjacencies in their floor plans, they are presenting an intended route for their shoppers. Personally, whenever I shop at Target, I typically walk the same route of the dollar section, women’s clothing, women’s clearance, shoes, athletics, and the lastly, the beauty section. Target understands what their consumers want, and I never walk out empty handed. Target has a story behind the way that they would plan out their floorplan because they know the shopper and have placed items respectively to one another. They have designed there store to be a one-stop store, everything that you will need in one place and at a low price. In college towns, you will find that they position their team colors closer to the front of the section, which connects the shopper with the store. At Target, you are able to complete your outfit all in one place at a low price, and the use of adjacencies gives an ambience for the shopper while he or she is shopping. I believe that Target has been successful in the use of adjacencies in their floorplans because shoppers follow the route that has been designed for

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