My Teacher Teaches Language Arts

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This third week has been fun. I’ve been able to lesson plan a research project that the students are enjoying. It is such interesting experiences to not only teach the content, but to also teach students how to use technology. In 5th grade, the students do rotations to different teachers for different subjects. My cooperating teacher teaches language arts so I teach my lessons two times back to back each day. This is a good experience because I can see what needs to be changed to help improve the lesson or what needs less time the second time around. It always ends up that the classes end on the same page, which is nice, but it’s also good to reevaluate before teaching the lesson again. This was also an early release day, which happens once a month. This is when the grade levels meet to collaborate and the school meets as a whole to do some professional development. This week we watched a safety in the work place video. After this, the 5th grade teachers met with the reading specialist to go over AIMSWEB. My experience at Kennedy is benefiting me greatly when it comes to these meetings. If it weren’t for that experience and testing students at Kennedy, I would have no idea what was happening. Thursday was also the school’s Valentine’s Day parties. I felt so loved; I received so many sweet notes and other gifts that I didn’t expect to receive. It was wonderful watching the kids interact and be themselves completely during the classroom party. This was also a time where I

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