My Teaching Experience Essay

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When I first come to Saint Cloud High School, I was uncertain of how I would fit into the world of education as a teacher, in fact, this was my first teaching practice. After completing a few observations, I changed my view and recognized my teaching abilities. I was able to learn many different things that will be helpful to me when I become a certified teacher someday. Although I could face many possible challenges in the classroom, I have many of the strengths it takes to be a good teacher. There were many times during this field training that gave me a broad idea of how the ordinary life of a teacher would go. Similarly, I got a profound sense of how the classroom environment is for most instructors. In general, I believe this was a pleasant experience for me, and I learned a lot in such a brief period.
The educational unit I executed has an element of my instruction beliefs that students should connect and relate theme content to real life situations inside and outside the teaching space. Therefore, during my teaching experience, I feel compromise and responsible for meeting my students’ needs and that is why I included many visuals aids and plenty of flexible activities. Hence, this unit involved a mixture of student and teacher-centered strategies such as direct instruction, drill and practice of the unit vocabulary, lectures, dialogues, question and answer sessions, discussions with exchanges of opinions and perspectives, discovery learning events and presentations

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