My Teaching Philosophy And Philosophy

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The class, Principles of Teaching 2, has taught me a lot this term. From learning about different educational philosophies, the learning and the teaching process, creating lesson plans, learning about project approach, making essential questions, experiential learning, constructivist approach, cooperative and collaborative learning, classroom management, handling and adapting to different scenarios in the classroom to facilitating a class discussion. I can say that this class has been very well-rounded and has answered some of my concerns as a future educator. This class has also added to my knowledge about the things that I should be familiar with that I was not even aware was part of the teacher’s “role” once I am a practising teacher. All the things I have learned in this course can be applied and are valuable in my future career. One of the important things I need to identify as a teacher-to-be is considering what my philosophy and curriculum model would be. Identifying this will help me decide whether I want to work in an institution based on their orientation and philosophy. As of now, my ideal educational philosophy is a curriculum…show more content…
As a teacher, you have to be ready for any situation that can transpire in the classroom. There were a lot of things that Miss Meah shared with our class about classroom management and adapting to different situations that made me go, “Oonga no.”, “I should be ready for when this happens in my future class.”, “I can totally apply this in my future classroom or to my future students”, and “I should remember this!”. So, that really made me realize that in a classroom full of kids, anything can happen and that as a teacher, I have to be prepared for anything, or at least, be smart and alert enough to evaluate the situation and act
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