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My Teaching Philosophy Philosophy can be defined as the system of values by which one lives. These values should be woven throughout the day – to – day life of an individual and serve as the basis for his or her actions, decisions, words, etc. A good system of values is especially important for those in a leadership position and for individuals whose actions and decisions directly affect others. As a prospective teacher, I can imagine that my philosophy will greatly reflect the values I have established thus far in my life and the environment in which I enjoy learning. My classroom will serve as a safe place for my students. It will be a comfortable environment where everyone feels welcome and…show more content…
My students will know what to expect from me and know that I am a sensible person. They will be able to depend on me and trust in me because of my consistency, honesty, effort and attentiveness to them and their education. I will be completely devoted to my students both in my teaching and in my planning. Resulting from my system of values will be the high expectations I will hold for my students. I will expect them to be respectful of me and be dedicated to me as their teacher. I hope that they will have developed a good work ethic, and if they have not, I will make that development my responsibility. I will expect my students to have personal integrity and high expectations established. They will be interactive and eager to participate in classroom discussion. They will not be afraid to offer ideas relevant to our discussions or ask questions when they do not understand. My students will never question my authority, however, they will not fear me. They will know what is expected of them both behaviorally and academically. They will appreciate my dedication and effort and want to provide the same for me. The students, knowing that I have high expectations of them, will devote a lot of time and effort into their work both in and out of the classroom. In conclusion, my classroom will be a comfortable, understanding environment where all students are welcome and respected despite our

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