Essay on My Teaching Philosophy

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My Teaching Goals and Philosophy My goals upon graduating College are to go to graduate school while working days as a Science 5-9 teacher. I will seek masters in Biology and also one in Administration I feel with my specialty in science these two masters programs will be very beneficial to me as a teacher. Upon graduating from graduate school I plan to pursue a career in School Administration. My Philosophy on Education encompasses many areas but the result is an approach that I feel will educate a child in the best possible way. The first aspect of my philosophy is respect; You must respect a child and let a child know they are respected before any trust can take place in an educational setting.…show more content…
The more a child feels they are accomplishing the more learning will take place. Grouping students also helps in another positive way. It reinforces social skills. This is an area of weakness for many children. By working in groups they can build friendships. The more a child feels accepted the more learning will take place. Hands on instruction are also very important for all students in the classroom. I believe if I bring into the classroom what I am trying to teach instead of lecturing or showing pictures the child will learn more. For example if our unit is on the ocean bring in a sea sponge and let the children hold it. For most classrooms the only way to question is by using group alerting. If you single out a child ahead of time chances are the other children will not listen to the question. Questioning should also be done in short intervals with each child being given a chance to answer a question based on his or her level. Give the students a quiet time; don’t over stimulate all students need a break from time to time. No student does well when they are too stimulated whether they are in elementary or high school. Across the curriculum instruction can be very helpful in an education setting. This can enhance learning in a variety of ways.
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