My Teaching Philosophy Essay

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My Teaching Philosophy All of my life I have enjoyed helping others. I have also loved the classes I have had with a really good teacher. I think it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone and to know that there is someone there to help me when I need it. I want to help teach the future leaders of this country, as well as those content with just being themselves and staying out of trouble. I honestly believe in Rosseau’s idea that children are born good and that things in society contribute to whether or not they are troublesome. I want to help these children remain good. Although I plan to teach at the high school level, I still believe these “bad” children can be helped with the proper attention and care.…show more content…
They in turn could choose to take this information and be successful or to not utilize it to the fullest potential. I want to be the type of teacher that helps kids to reach their potential no matter what they have been told in the past or how low their self-esteem may be. I want to teach kids about the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead for them. I strive to treat all students fairly and to hold their attention and interest at the same time. I hope that students will understand the importance of a good education in the life after school. I hope to help raise self-esteem by using longer wait times and constructive criticism. The students in my classroom will be able to work together and accomplish more than just “busy work”. They will learn valuable lessons about themselves and their potential. I hope at the beginning of each school year to prepare my student to be ready ad willing to learn. In order to do this I must capture their interest and attention. They will need to think critically and creatively. I plan to use cooperative learning methods, as well as, direct teaching to get my ideas across to students. I will welcome their opinions in class discussions and hope to provide a comfortable atmosphere for them to participate. Class discussions, when kept on track, can make students see things from another’s point of view or get them to think or question they never before thought
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