My Teaching Philosophy

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Ever since I decided to pursue a career in the field of education, I always wondered what grade level best fitted me. Could it be Elementary, where children have been stereotyped as uncontrollable little brats, Middle School, where the students are depicted as uncontrollable, rebellious students, or High School, oh gee whiz? I have decided that I would pursue a career in Elementary School. The grade level I hope to teach is at the elementary school level. My current goal is to either teach the 4th or 5th grade level. Moreover, throughout the semester I have read about or seen different philosophies through the observations I have done throughout the semester. While reading chapter 6 in the class text I thought to myself, as an educator…show more content…
In his class, the students were actively engaged in the classroom since they had to be on top of their work and be ready to learn in class. Another example of a teacher that has influenced me in the style of teaching is one of the teachers I visited during the observations. The teacher kept the class interesting and fun, while keeping control of the class, in respect to order and conduct. He also demonstrated a sincere and strong sense of community by letting his students know that if they ever need advice or someone to talk to, he will be available for them at any time of the day. Furthermore, teaching in a democratic society gives educators some opportunity to teach students about different societal issues and the necessary skills to be a critical and logical thinker. First, I believe that teaching in a democracy is an opportunity to educate children and make them aware of the varied problems our society faces such as, economic inequalities, racism and prejudices against people from different cultural backgrounds. In addition, I believe schooling is one of the crucial roads most people need to take to improve their quality of life, by improving their socioeconomic status. Furthermore, I believe teaching is an imperative job which positively contribute to the growth of a community. I think it is imperative to focus on the education of minorities. For instance, most Latinos and African Americans live in poverty and one of the ways out one could leave
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