My Teaching Philosophy Essay

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There are many skills and attributes that one must possess to be an outstanding educator. To be an outstanding teacher one must seek growth in their students, challenging them to push themselves past what they already know with confidence. Giving students encouragement when they feel discouraged about the objective at hand is vital in the classroom. Although these are just two of the many important attributes a teacher must possess I would like to talk to you further about the skills of an effective teacher. In the following paragraphs you learn about the three most important skills that I believe are essential in a classroom; classroom management, students engaged in cooperative learning, and the implementation of the Multiple…show more content…
With the mastery of classroom management an educator can effectively run an engaging classroom for their students to hone their skills; consequently allowing for cooperative learning. This leads to the next quality a teacher must possess that I feel is important for student growth; cooperative learning.
In the growing global society of the 21st century we must prepare our students for a team oriented approach to learning. Cooperative learning allows the development of many different skills in the classroom. As many educators know every student is at different intellectual levels when they enter their classrooms. Cooperative learning allows small groups of students with different abilities to learn from their peers. Through teamwork students learn to appropriately commend others when a task is accomplished. Although, students will be working together for a common goal, each individual student will be responsible for their own work. There are several positive outcomes for students through the use of cooperative learning. In particular, it promotes positive interaction between members of different cultures and socio-economic groups. Additionally, it motivates students to learn new material ensuring student metacognition. To sum up my thoughts about cooperative learning I feel this learning technique offers many benefit’s to students and should be evident in daily learning.
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