My Teaching Style And Classroom Discipline Methods

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When I first looked over this assignment I must say I was very excited to take both of these “tests” to find out what my teaching style and classroom discipline methods were. The scores in my results of my teaching style inventory were all very close and are as follows: Expert 3, Formal authority 3.75, Personal Model 3.5, Facilitator 4.5, and Delegator 3.375. In an ideal world, I would like to think that I teach using all of these “personalities” at different times. However, while my scores are all fairly close, there is one that stands out from the others; facilitator. To be a facilitator means to be the leader, or coordinator, of a group’s activities or discussions. To me this teaching style sounds exactly like the role of a typical teacher, especially for younger students. While students are young (let’s say elementary aged), their teacher leads and coordinates most if not all of their activities and class discussions every day. As students grow older (middle school and high school), they are given a little more independence as far as how they learn and the topics in their classroom discussions. A facilitator leads, but does not dictate. This is a very important point because it is important for a teacher to lead and to model for students, but not to “tell how to,” or decide for the students the one and only right or wrong way to do or think about something. A facilitator gets the group prepared and started on a task, and the group then proceeds to carry out the…
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