My Teaching Toolbox.. Educ 6513: Teaching Adult Learners.

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My Teaching Toolbox.
EDUC 6513: Teaching Adult Learners
Mohamed Faizalla
Yorkville University
February 19, 2017

My Teaching Toolbox

My understanding of skillful teaching has been formed through my practical teaching experience, and further developed as a master of education student who has the advantage of learning and discussing the most recent literature about education and methodology. I found that I completely agree with, Brookfield’s explanation and understanding of skillful teaching. Throughout his book, Brookfield, (2015) mentioned four assumptions of skillful teaching which included helping students learn, adopting a critically reflective stance towards teaching practice, awareness of how the learners are
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Moreover, assimilators usually like to evaluate pros and cons, enjoy lectures, use logical and detailed thinking to learn as they prefer thinking to acting. Soylu et al, (2009) noted “students having assimilator and convergent learning styles have common ability to organize and use the information they acquire from the text.” (p.47). Therefore, utilizing suitable teaching techniques and methods is an important factor in their success.

As a teacher, I can always benefit from understanding my students’ a learning styles in my classroom because this knowledge highlights the strengths of my students and guides my choice of the best teaching techniques. When dealing with divergers, I would focus in my class on methods that include relationship activities, such as role-playing open discussion, and small group work. Moreover, divergers prefer to create their own curriculum and avoid too much paperwork, and when they receive personalized instructions, they perform better. On the other hand, assimilators who prefer to learn through thinking and processing, can perform well in the lecture setting. Therefore, lectures that start from high-level concepts and work down to the detail and include precise and accurate knowledge, presented by an expert engage assimilators the most. They also prefer to receive instructions in informational forms, such as lectures and reading while they tend to be unaware of the emotional climate
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