My Teenage Experience

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“Do you teenagers ever put your phone down?” If you are a teenager in today’s society, I can almost guarantee you cannot count on one hand how many times an adult has asked you this question. Due to the fact that I am a highschool student involved in many extracurricular activities keeping my brain busy, I often catch myself forgetting to stop and realize all the “normal” daily expectations my generation has taken for granted. To say I was stunned would be an understatement, as I reflected on how times have transformed in the short amount of time from my sister's teenage years compared to mine. To evaluate an even more drastic change, the thirty four years between my mother, my aunt, and I was breathtaking. Almost acted as a culture shock. Expectations including home life, transportation, and technology have drastically evolved in an oddly short amount of time. Growing up as the youngest, I never understood the reasoning behind the dreadful thought of sharing a room with a sibling. I always begged and pleaded for “sleepovers” located in my older sisters’ rooms, who I absolutely adored and mimicked daily. After interviewing my mom and her little sister, I realized not everyone viewed it as my innocent eyes once did. In fact, they formed polar opposite views. Both mentioned how several disagreements brewed from sharing a room as a teenage. From simply one not cleaning their side of the room to the others expectations or fighting over whose turn it was to accompany their room that weekend. This led me to evaluate how different today’s home life runs. Each one of my friends have never even been threatened to have to share a room with their siblings. In matter of fact, most of my friends have extra empty rooms in their houses. When informing my mom and Aunt Julie about this, their mouths both dropped in amazement since they were constantly struggling to find houses with enough rooms for everybody.
Another difference in developing expectations involves transportation. I never realized how major of a turn transportation has taken. Today almost every sixteen year old I know has a car before they even got their license. And their car could easily be one of the fanciest cars they will posses in their lifetime. My
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