My Testimony Is Not An Epic

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My testimony is not an epic, one which I could recount to a congregation “ooh’s, ahh’s and amens.” It has no epic turn of events whereby this sinner sees the error of his ways through the love of Christ. Nor does my story have an exact beginning or an end. It’s not likely it will be made into a movie, let alone a TV drama, sitcom or even a short video on youtube. My story is, in many ways, simply ordinary.

The psychologist Abraham Maslow once said, “The sacred is in the is to be found in one 's daily life, in one 's neighbors, friends, and family, in one 's own backyard…” The sacred, that which is connected with God, Maslow explains, is everywhere. There is no point, in Maslow’s mind, for turning to a God for the miraculous because life itself is a miracle.

Maslow’s sentiment is sentimental but not a complete description of ordinary life. While we should take life seriously and see blessings in the people around us my ordinary life would not be sacred had I not been turned to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his saving grace.

My ordinary life is sinful. My “default” setting when I wake up in the morning is that of rebellion against God without the power of the Holy Spirit actively working in me to stop this. I wake up every day easily angered by others, frustrated with a myriad of normal problems and not ready to thank God for what I have been given. Maybe my friends and family are a miracle but I’m too blind on my own to recognize that which is God’s gift,

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