My Thanks to Professor Payte

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I've always had this fascination towards writing because it envelops an entirely eclectic discipline where one style of writing can be assimilated to create another, and be described as remarkable as the other. However, I let this penchant get the better of me. Before I enrolled in this course, I thought my writing abilities were beyond spectacular- boy was I wrong. I soon found out, with the help of Professor Payte and peers, that my writing is light-years away from "spectacular". During the span of the course, we were assigned various exercises designed to assist our thinking process for an upcoming essay which signaled the end of one progression and the beginning of another; in total, three progressions were assigned. My…show more content…
What we found is absolutely brilliant. Within a series of ads, Nike utilizes societal disabilities, economic status, and society to promote their products to a specific, many times broad, group of participants to acknowledge their plight and encourage them to disregard the common belief that "greatness is available only to a chosen few" (Nike). Nike operates under the motto, "Everybody is capable of greatness, you just have to find it," and these ads are prime examples of how Nike utilizes visual rhetoric to attract large audiences. Towards the latter end of progression two, I noticed a difference in my communication skills along with the development of my writing. The significance of this progression strengthened my oratory ability and brainstorming process. Unlike the other progressions, the final progression presented the least difficulty. Perhaps, with all the revision I have done over the past several months in order to develop my writing proved beneficial. Because I felt more confident in my writing than I had prior to the essays. There were many helpful websites that were made available to the class on Professor Payte's webpage, which guided me in the right direction, acting as outlines for my essay. I also sought assistance from our class

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