My Theme Song Of Pink Floyd

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My Theme Song For somebody who is not invested in artistic outlets, I absolutely love music. I like all kinds of music, from country to rap to today’s hits and Billboard’s Top 40. However, the only genre I will never grow tired of, and the one I have loved since a young age, is classic rock. There are a few classic rock songs that I relate so strongly to, and at times I could swear they were written just for me. No song reflects how I have felt more about my senior year though, than “Eclipse” by the band Pink Floyd. Senior year is a transitional part of my life, and it cannot be described in just one definite way. To reflect this, I selected a song that has no definite meaning. “Eclipse” is the final song of an album that has withstood…show more content…
What I believe it means is that all the things listed (“everything under the sun”) are invaluably important things that make us who we are, but in the gravity of huge situations nothing matters for a while except what is going on at that moment (such is the case in an actual eclipse). I have chosen this for my senior theme song because school has led to everything important in my life until this point, and everything that I have experienced throughout these years are going to be “eclipsed” by Graduation Day. As much as I hate getting ahead of myself, I have been able to answer every question I have posed to myself this year with: “What’s it matter? I’ll be gone after Graduation anyway.” When we graduate, we are going to all look back and remember everything that we have experienced together up until that point, and all the memories we have made. But during Graduation, the fact that we have finally made it to such a huge part of our lives will matter to me more, and that is going to be my metaphorical eclipse. I got the chance to witness an actual eclipse at the beginning of my senior year, and noticed that no matter how important everything else usually seemed, for roughly an hour nothing was more important to anybody than the eclipse. I felt like that tied back into senior year and how Graduation seems to be all that feels
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