My Theological Convictions Has Changed My Life

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Throughout my life, my theological convictions has been a substantial input in my daily life. My faith has impacted my life and as I head to my future, my footsteps will go along the journey I have already set upon. I am always had an interest in learning about other individual’s faiths and by learning about them I will continue to grow my faith.
When asked, if I believe in God, my answer is a simple yes! I mean there is a reason why we are here so that alone is just striking. I guess, I have never been questioned my belief in God mainly because I was brought up in a church family. I was raised in a Methodist church, participated in children 's choir and attend weekly Sunday School. My parents baptized me and supported me going through
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As my parents and I did not recognize the toddler, we called the police. Just as my parents were calling Police I asked one of my neighbors if he recognized the toddler. Amazingly, he did it was his brother. As much I wanted to know how this could happen, I was glad that he was safe. It took a few moments to realize that if I went on that trip I wouldn’t have been there to see the toddler running down the block. Now, I don’t live on a busy street, but the toddler was running in the direction in what he would be been a busy intersection. I had to thank God for that opportunity and apologize for being so disappointed about not going on the trip.
Believing in God is just a must. I start to believe not everything is a coincidence and it 's the “everything happens for a reason” saying might just be so much true after all. I believe as I stated in my previous paragraphs that God has a purpose and relations with Humans. Even if they don’t believe in God, God does not stop that from loving them. I strongly feel that God does not stop that someone doesn’t believe in God from not letting good things happening. God also listens to us, twenty four seven, three hundred and sixty five days out of the year. I strongly feel and believe that the power of prayer should never be underestimated because of God’s willingness to always listen, love and forgive. God is always there no matter the
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