My Theories Of My Theory Of Me

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I believe that within my theory of me, is a vast majority of traits, characteristics and behaviors that helped make me the person I am now. My theory consists of areas that I developed in such as physical aspects, social/emotional aspects, figuring out if the way I turned out was due more to nature or nurture and many more things. My theory of me also shows me if I had periods of discontinuous or continuous change as well as how strong my resilience is now. My theory is made to be a way that describes, explains and predicts my behavior (Berk pg. 7). Within this paper, I’ll explore all the many aspects of my theory of me. I’ll start off by looking at the domains of development in which I grew the most in, which were cognitive and social/emotional. My cognitive domain was most likely the best one of the two domains. I’ve always been very gifted when it comes to my creativity along with my imagination. When I was at least four years of age, I was able to express myself with artistic things and even had an imaginary friend named Gizmo. I was able to work so well with things such as painting and drawing, that those became my main sources for fun at a young age. Along with my creativity, I also had my language side to it as well. Due to the fact I came from a Hispanic family that always spoke Spanish around me it was the only language I spoke as a young girl. Although speaking a foreign language was a great skill, when I moved to Tennessee it proved to be a bit of a con as well.
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