My Theory Of Motivation And Its Origin

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My theory of motivation and its origin My theory of motivation is that, as humans, we are motivated from sociocultural influences affecting our behavior to belong within our culture through external input from parents and peers, experiences, and media exposure, as it pertains to acceptance of ourselves. This theory has been formulated through a combination of college course work and from personal observations of people within my life. When I was in my social psychology class at Seton Hill University it opened up a new way of thinking about how big an influence society can affect our motivational goals and aspirations. Societal influences can force us to change our motivational path of careers, friendships, relationships, and many other aspects of life. Lets say your friends are focusing on graduation and advancing to masters degree programs, because of the social influence of your friends looking into graduate schools you would be more motivated to pursue acceptance of graduate school. The same applies, for this example with no additional societal influence, if your friends were to have no desire of continuing on to college after high school. You are motivated because of others surrounding your current status within the universe. As for our experiences influencing our motivation, I have learned from my classes that we generally do not want negative behaviors and outcomes. So if we do not want negative outcomes, it will motivate us to avoid or change the negative
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