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Nursing theory is another abundantly feared, apparently forgettable part of the nursing school knowledge. Huge amounts of time and exertion is spent attempting to remember the theorists, attempting to retain what they stand for and wanting to replay it effectively in practice. And at the same time, new graduates wonder, what are they going to do with this now that they graduated? What a large portion of them truly want to know is the way to put in an intravenous catheter. All things considered, a couple of years into practice I began to understand that the work I do– the consideration I give — is all in light of my theory of what is the right fit for my area of nursing — and my theory is a long way from extraordinary. Actually, my own reasoning for my job, my hard working attitude, my conduct and treatment of my patients all fall into the domains of a couple of particular nursing theorists I was compelled to concentrate on in school. It appears they assembled my foundation for being a cautious, faithful, mindful caring Registered Nurse.
Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale, credited with founding the modern practice of nursing, contributed to the field of nursing with theories that are still widely used today. Nightingale’s Environmental Theory incorporates the patients ' surrounding environment in their nursing care. In this theory, the patient 's environment can have beneficial or detrimental effects on his or her health and it is the role of the nurse…

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