My Third And Final Clinical

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At the conclusion of my third and final clinical, I can truly say each clinical experience has been very different and I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in each setting. My third clinical affiliation in particular has been my hardest, yet most rewarding. Working with the pediatric population, was certainly much more different than with working with adults and it was even more with the pediatric population under the board of education. My first three weeks of clinical were my roughest, there was so much information being thrown at me. It didn’t help that I was working in two different school settings: District 75 (more severe diagnosis and most restrictive)/ Regional (general education with children that had least severe diagnoses). Understanding, what the DOE is, the do’s and don’ts of a school based physical therapist and much more were areas of information that were minimally taught during the curriculum. Trying to learn and understand as much information as possible lend me to think, that the school based therapist is almost a whole new field. The school based therapist used tests and measures, interventions, and created goals and treatment plans much different from any other setting I had been in previously. This was a challenge, a challenge I was willing to understand and conquer. As the weeks, swiftly passed by, I became more comfortable and more knowledgeable about specific diagnoses and the behaviors that follow. Every child was extremely different…
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