My Thoughts About Hockey Sign Ups

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Thinking back through my many years of hockey, many good and bad memories come to my mind. The first story was of me getting knocked over, keep in mind I don’t have a major recollection of this story besides the main parts because heck I was five. I was started skated at the age of four, according to my father, I was a pretty good skater. After a year or so of skating, I was skating at the arena and got knocked over by a high school player. After that moment I didn’t try skating again for years, but the love of the game ran through the blood of my family and me. Hockey called to me, and it would not be the last time I laced up a pair of skates.
It seemed that only a few years ago I was in second grade watching Joncarlo Westurland and Alex Lyon walk into our classroom and talked about hockey sign ups and how fun hockey would be to play. I thought to myself, “I want to try hockey.” After they left I remembering thinking about hockey all day long, and I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my parents about it. Running all the way from the bus to my house I burst through the door and yelled,”I WANT TO PLAY HOCKEY.” My parents signed me up that night needless to say. No matter how much or little homework that I had, I always came to the arena as much as possible. I’d been placed on the maroon team that year. I didn’t realize that most of the games weren’t at home until later in my hockey career. My first game was against International Falls, I believe we won 5-1. I was disappointed…
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