My Thoughts About Management By Buchbinder & Shanks

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My thoughts about management are a lot different than the preliminary reading of the textbook, “Introduction to Health Care Management” By Buchbinder & Shanks (2011). The text suggests that a leader had an inherent trait (i.e., ethnicity, gender, body structure), and did not consider the characteristics of an individual. It is hard to imagine that such an idea could have ever existed, but from a historical viewpoint, it is required to know how things began. Fast forward, a century, I learned that companies discovered that leadership could be designed according to a certain mindset and ideas. From this reading, I acquired the most knowledge about leadership through the categorical contemporary model. The contemporary model focused on…show more content…
The level of service that he provided went beyond ordinary. He was very meticulous and never careless in the way he managed his department. For instance, in dispensing medication, it required assiduousness and diligence, both of which he demonstrated every day. Not only were the customers a priority he was supportive to both staff members and colleague. His ability to reassure and to empower his subordinates was exceptional. He supported staff members through continued education opportunities, which achieved a goal of having his staff interact better with consumers. Hence, his interpersonal skills allowed him to communicate effectively with both his peers and subordinates, no matter the circumstance. Furthermore, his demonstrated effective communication skills by listening and directing his subordinates He modeled well the ability to work with other and set the expectation of how he wanted his department to function. Furthermore, his ability to reassure and to empower his subordinates was exceptional. He implemented computer training for the work staff continuously. His leadership and thoroughness were both reliable and significant in making the entire work environment well organized. Another element implemented into the pharmacy was the use of the electronic medical record system, which provided access to the patients’ medical history and physician collaboration. The different method implemented in the work setting
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