My Thoughts And Feelings About Therapeutic Work With Groups

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In this paper, I will discuss my current thoughts and feelings about therapeutic work with groups. I will include my ideas about group dynamics, process, and theoretical influences on my thought process. The impact of my worldview will be considered when considering the development of my leadership style and a potential challenge related to this orientation. Finally, I will offer a specific plan that addresses this issues and continued training in group work.
I decided to design a course in Freudian metapsychology instead of taking a class in group work as a graduate student. Groups was not a required course and I had no intention of running groups following graduation. I did not realize that it was required for licensure and a given that I would have to run groups someday. My lack of preparation to lead groups greatly influenced my feelings towards participating in them. I am taking this class to qualify for licensure but have found it enjoyable. It has forced me to think about my past experiences as a group facilitator and I find that many of those memories are positive. I believe I miss some of the inpatient group work that frightened me years ago. A couple of decades ago, I was sent to attend group work as a patient and I despised it. My personal experiences were the main catalyst for my dislike of groups early on. I no longer feel this way and see great value in groups. I still feel that psychoanalytic individual therapy is the best treatment for severe
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