My Thoughts On Chapter 9

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This essay will reflect my thoughts on chapter 9. In brief this chapter deals with how the ears allow us to be able to hear and process sound. When I first think of sound I think of the frequency. This makes me think of songs that I listen too in order to determine it 's a high frequency or a low frequency. I 'll be able to determine the amount of hertz that are in songs on the radio. I do feel that it would be hard to determine because most of that music is reordered, hearing people sing a cappella would be easier to determine the amount of hertz present. I know what hertz are, but I 'm still not sure how they are actually determined? Are they sounds just determined by our brain if we have unimpaired hearing. How would someone like my brother with a whole in his ear be able to determine frequency? When I think about pitch the first things come to mind are instruments. This reminds me in middle school if you wanted to a part of the band, you got to test each instrument. I always had a fascinating with a flute, which had high a frequency and high pitch. Another instrument was a trombone; this had a low frequency and low pitch. This helped me understand the difference between pitches. I also think about how humans and animals hear different frequencies. Someone my age in there 20 's would be able to hear the door bell ring, while someone in there 70 's may not hear it. This measures how over time our frequencies can. A dog on the other hand can hear very high-pitched
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