My Thoughts On Diffusion Of Innovation

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My Thoughts on the Diffusion of Innovation

Entering the second week of innovation class, the topic is about the diffusion of innovation. As I have mentioned before in my first learning log, innovation needs to be managed as a whole process and I thought that the diffusion of innovation plays a vital role in that process in which commercialization is the part of it. As I have already had the experiences on the diffusion of innovation, therefore, I will elaborate more about it that linked with my experiences in this second learning log. Also, I would like to criticize the diffusion of innovation in one of the innovations from iSearch1, the Samsung family hub refrigerator.

In my opinion, the term of diffusion is the spreading of a new idea to others. Another definition is “the process in which the innovation is communicated through certain channels over time amongst the members of a social system” (Rogers, 2003, p.5). This definition contains four main elements in the diffusion: (1) the innovation, (2) communication through certain channels, (3) over time, (4) the members of a social system (Rogers, 2003, p.11). According to those four elements, I would like to link two of them with my experiences in building a business of event decorator, which located in the capital city of Indonesia. Also, I thought that my experiences are quite related with the theory of diffusion from Rogers.

Being an event decorator has taught me to do the innovations through the decoration as well
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