My Thoughts On My Dreams

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Day 1:
My first mindful rest experience was new and kind of unexpected. I did not believe I would feel so comfortable in that position to fall asleep on the floor afterwards. I amazed myself that I didn 't want to get up. My dreams are generally very vivid and involve lots of action, however in my dream after this experience was completely dark. Not scary dark, but just the nothingness found in blackness. I took a fair bit of rearrangement to get into a comfortable position, but once I got to it, the hard tile floor actually didn 't feel as hard as I had thought it would. Surprisingly, my grandfather used to take naps on the floor lying flat with a pillow against his head, although his feet were not in the same position with knees pointing towards the sky, I felt connected to him through this activity. I found I had to really plan out a time to do it in the future, because this experience was completed at a random hour when I was working on my other homework and I realized I had mindful rest to complete today. I am planning on doing it for 7 days straight but am a little worried that I may miss a day because of timing.

Day 2:
I had a different experience in today’s mindful rest, I was told to keep my eyes open which I think gave it a different experience than the last. I remained mindful the entire time. Although today was very hot in my room, and keeping the fans off for the entirety was hard. It was interesting that when I got up after, I felt as though my breathing was…

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