My Thoughts On My Experience

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As I spend my afternoon hands deep within the bellies of several sharks, a person might assume that I would be thinking about how I can’t wait to be done with these smelly, oily carcasses. We have been working with sharks every day for the past week and a half, and everybody is ready to rid our classroom of these dead fish. But this is not what is on my mind at all. I am placing each pin through each organ and I am thinking about my students. My thoughts turn to their preparation for the strenuous test in front of them, and I am reflecting back in hopes that I did everything I could to prepare them for success. I know that I cannot shoulder the full responsibility since the students must learn to prepare themselves, but I cannot help but think that I could have done more. I could have done something different, I could have found a better way of relating the information to something they already understand. I can’t help this. I do this all the time, every year. I am a teacher. I am a teacher and I want my kids to be successful. That’s one reason why I teach. Now I’m walking out of the school and I get a message from a former student wishing me a Happy Teacher Appreciation Day. She goes on to tell me how glad she was in my class and I can’t help but be happy. I love my students and I hope they know how much they mean to me. When I get messages like this, I know that at least one person knows and it warms my heart. I invest a lot of myself into my classes. I

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