My Thoughts On My Life

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I glanced down at the long screeds of names that required my help, next on the list was Phyllis. My stomach instantly lurched at the memory of my last visitation. My hands gripped tighter onto the steering wheel, my nails digging into the soft leather leaving an impression that would last. As I pressed my foot down on the accelerator my mind whirred as I struggled to wrestle with the emotions that where brimming within me and threatening to overflow. Pictures of the scene flew before my eyes, distracting me and occupying my every thought. The dread swallowed me whole, clouding my mind. The sea of emotion was drowning me, suffocating me as I tried to regain control. I stamped on the break. I was jolted back to the present as my car ground…show more content…
The tiles that where not missing on the roof where carpeted with a vast sea of moss, giving the appearance of green roof. The mortar holding the house together was crumbling and falling out in chunks, leaving bricks stranded and with no support. The doorway was coated with cobwebs that stretched in every possible direction. The spiders that inhabited them looked upon me as gazed at the door. Paint flaked off it revealing the weathered grain of the wood underneath. The state of the house did not help advance my judgment on how to handle the situation, it only further ruptured my heart from my brain. I inhaled as much oxygen as my lungs could take, bursting at the seams I took the plunge and knocked on the door. As Phyllis opened the door a tidal wave of emotions crashed into me, my heart wept for Phyllis as soon as I set eyes on her. She was a small, frail woman at the best of times but it was clear that the cancer had taken a toll on her body. She had been stripped of all her muscle and fat and was merely skin and bone. Her veins protruded rather prominently and where clearly visible under her pale skin. Her nails where yellowed, chipped and broken. Her hair was was ivory in colour and came out in little wisps on patches over head. Several creases mapped her face, engraving a pained expression onto her face. Her eyes where sunken pools of black, that looked to have experienced the worst that life had to

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