My Thoughts On My Life

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My lungs burn as they fill with water, as I 'm trying to get my head above surface. I struggle and push my legs harder and harder but no matter how hard I push I can 't stop sinking. I notice bindings on my feet and desperately try clawing at the rope on my feet. I 'm running out of oxygen, and I have to take a breath. I take a big gulp of water and my lungs fill, black spots clouded my vision as I feebly struggle to untie the rope, I take one more breath and could feel I 'm fading
I bolt up in my bed and blink several times to try and unblock my vision, the shrill sound of my alarm breaking me from my dream. I 'm soaked from head to toe in what smells like salt water. My hands are bleeding from my desperate attempts to break my binding. I rub the rest of my nightmarish slumber off my face and rest I 'm head on my hands. This is how I wake up every night, or should I say early morning. Just before i black out my alarm wakes me and saves me from my impending doom. It always something new from i 'm falling off a building to being burned alive. They are very vivid and so real. I try to get out of bed and almost fall ,my head hurts and my lungs burn from the water that filled them. Somehow i manage to bring the qualities of my dream to life, so now i have a headache and possibly a broken hand. It had progressed over the years too, one time i ended up with burns on my arms and legs.
I look at the time and i have to get up despite the burning in my throat

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