My Thoughts On My Life

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“All I need to know I learned in kindergarten” is a poem hanging on the wall in my house. The poem teaches principles such as: share everything, play fair, don’t hit people, put items back where you found them, clean up your mess. From the age of two these principles became object lessons and repeated phrases each and every day. Without realizing it, I had memorized this poem by the age of six, and not by choice. Principles impacting my life are those learned while golfing; my poem should be “All I need to know I learned in golf.” The summer between my eighth and ninth grade year, I took up golf by attending a camp to teach me the basic rules and techniques of the game. In theory hitting a ball into a cup does not seem tough, the…show more content…
This lucky volunteer spends three or four days with professional golfers in their elements, putting their training into action. Sounds trite, a myriad of adults take off work every year to be a standard bearer at other tournaments. Anyone who has mastered the game has my utmost respect; I was anxious, nervous and frightened to meet these professional golfers the first day. Since my expectation of it taking years to master the game, the fact these players were under the age of thirty surprised me. This foursome of golfers wished to become acquainted with an average fourteen old year boy and asked me numerous questions. The personality of these golfers provided the conversation with ease and a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day as we talked. But, when it was time to golf they morphed into a different person; laser focused, controlled emotions and with a mysterious ability to block everything out. The three days changed my life as these professional golfers encourage me to realize a dream, I could become an excellent golfer, maybe a professional. Requiring a commitment from me to the practice twelve to fourteen hours a day, I headed to the golf course at seven a.m. and stayed until eight p.m., Monday to Saturday for the next six weeks. Sixty boys showed up for high school tryouts the first Monday in August, and I was among them. Implementing every piece of advice from
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