My Thoughts On The Cold Floor Essay

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It was two in the morning, my thoughts reeling over the day I was about to take on. My eagerness overcame me and I flipped and flopped between my sheets like a fish out of water. I remember being told to wake up early and that there was a long day ahead of me. I imagined making new friends and the first thoughts that popped into my head were “What if they don’t like me?” or “What if they think I’m stupid?” Which were always concerns of mine, but I tried to calm myself and I remembered that I was not there to make friends and that put me at easy, little bit. Yet it was not enough, I could not get back to sleep. After much internal debate, I climbed out of bed; my body was so sore as if I had fought 100 adversaries that night and they won, “I guess I slept wrong.” I thought to myself as my feet touched the icy cold floor. I walked around my room my thoughts filling to the brim with ‘what to wear’ I rummaged through my closet pulling out dress, shorts, skirts, shirts, tank tops, and pants, until I had a mountain of clothing that resembled Mt. Everest. I weighted and tried on all of my options; my indecisiveness clearly showing through my action; forcing me to decide on a pair of jeans and a superman t-shirt. I finally left the house preparing myself for the complications that awaited me. I smiled brightly disguise my uneasy feelings, because I knew that the first step to improvement involves hard work. I headed towards building two where I had an orientation I made it just in

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