My Thoughts On The Death Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“I can 't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”- Jimmy Dean. The only fault that remains in this quote is quite clear: “are my sails leading me to a destiny of stability or destruction every time a crossroad is encountered?” While revealing my past mistakes throughout my journey, I had uncovered a possible crossroad that may have changed my life forever. The memories were unexpectedly clear up until this day; it had seemed as if it happened yesterday. I was 4, an infant at the time. Accustomed to skyscrapers that touched the skies, the breathtaking scent of gas, and the endless mountains that depicted our location as if it was below sea level. “This is where I belong,” I thought. Walking the Great Wall has transformed my day into a tiresome one. The aftereffect felt as if a flare was ignited within my thighs and the excruciating pain trickled from my thighs downward into my feet. My Respiratory System betrayed me and while in need for air, the chess compressed my lungs causing a difficulty in breathing. Every thought of advancing was diminished for it could only exacerbate the pain; however, the ambitions continued to expand rapidly. The phone rang and a question was annexed to it, “child, how about moving to America.” Due to the period of puerile, America was seldom mentioned; consequently, it came with a thought, “my conundrums of the world will be answered.” Suddenly a jolt of excitement and the answer departed my
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