My Thoughts On The Issue Of Racism

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After listening to my recording I was not moved or shocked by my responses as I have invested much of my time and my thoughts on the issue of racism. Many answers are fixed points for people, all of the questions listed under A and many under C. This is understood and therefore it is unnecessary to point out the obvious, yet I will point them out because these things have such an important impact on the rest of the questions. The definition of individual racism is defined differently in this program and I understand the concept, but it causes a conflict within. It is easy to assume that this conflict comes from a selfish place, which in some ways can be true, but there is also a place of confusion regarding people of color. This question has been posed in my second log and therefore it is redundant, upon the return of log two this definition can be fully embraced.
Institutional racism is something that I was aware of prior to entering this program, I never thought we were in a post racial society and my definition was correct. It is simply not possible for me to be aware of all institutional racism within borders of the United States. I am not a politician and am only a first year MSW student. I can only do what I have done, which is educate myself, educate others, and speak out against racism. That is the only power I am aware of having regarding institutional racism and individual racism at this point in my life.
White privilege is still and will most likely continue…

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