My Thoughts On The Mind

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Imagine walking into a room, seeing every piece of furniture and instantly knowing what they are. Walking through the kitchen, sampling chocolates on the way to the bedroom; once in there the aroma freshly cleaned sheets permeates through the room. I decided to lie down on the bed just to feel how warm the comforter is on my skin. Without knowing it I have used all five of my senses – Seeing, Touching, Hearing, Tasting, and Smelling. I always assumed that having a basic knowledge of the senses is all I needed to know; in truth sensing and understanding the senses are a series of complex processes. Although a basic knowledge is beneficial, it is only the tip of the iceberg. On my journey to learn more about the senses I completed a Senses Challenge and discovered the processes of sensation and perception. My first step in learning more about my senses was to complete a Senses Challenge, provided by the British Broadcasting Company (2014). Out of twenty questions I answered seven correctly, which means that I need to work on cultivating my senses. The Senses Challenge uses different illusions such as optical illusions, relative size, expectations and distorted angles to test how well the eye can trick the brain. While taking this challenge I wasn’t surprised that my results were very low. However, I was surprised that a couple of the questions I missed were answered correctly the first time. Discovering how my brain reacted to the sense challenge prompted me to dig deeper into
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