My Thoughts On The Teacher 's Voice

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Sitting in class my stomach was twisting inside me, the teacher 's voice was a dull buzz, background noise to my thoughts. Anxiety rose like bile in my throat and made it hard to breathe. I couldn 't stop thinking about it, i was finally going to tell someone. The thought of telling made my stomach nearly combust, but i had been keeping this in for far too long. The air was so hot and damp in the classroom, it only made my anxiety worse and no matter how hard i tried i couldn 't focus on the lecture, all i could hope was that the teacher didn 't pick up on how i haven 't been listening since the second the class started. It was only second period and i felt like i was going insane, i had to wait till the end of the day to talk to my…show more content…
I was still scared out of my mind but i felt more confident than i had the past week about what i was about to do. We started on our way to his house, while having one of our never ending conversations about everything that happened that day. We told each other pretty much everything, which is why i decided he should be the first to know. It was a 20 to 30 minute walk from the school to his house but it was never a dull one. Halfway there my legs would always begin to ache, and i 'd like to pretend i was so in shape for occasionally walking to his house. Cody would always have to slow down or come back to get me every five minutes or so because me being not even 5 feet tall it was hard to keep up with cody, who was almost six feet tall. Halfway to his house conversation would always fade because we grew tired of walking, so instead of talk we would sing. Being best friends, any song one of us knew word for word, the other would know too. We sang the entire way to his house, and and i could feel my anxiety lifting like a heavy wet blanket off my shoulders. Cody 's house was across the street from the river, so hearing the rush of water told me we were close. Getting closer to the house i felt my anxiety begin to creep back, i was actually going to do this. There really was no turning back, once we got into that house i would have to tell him or continue to live
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