My Three Favorite Stories from English Class

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Every book is different in some way or another. As they are written in different styles and with different rhetorical devices. The most general thing that is different about most books is the genres. While the most specific thing that is different about books are settings, characters, and writing styles. Many books may seem alike in some ways, but have very different stories to tell. A very good quote that is usually said when reading is the topic is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” A very vague saying, but it works so well with every piece of literature. It could be interpreted by what people say about, the reviews, or the actual cover of the work. Many times when you read different texts you will get a sense of wonderment and complete adoration for it. When you truly like something this much it will have that effect. This is my favorite three stories from Mr. McGee’s freshman Honors English Class. The first story that I really enjoyed from McGee’s class was the story known as “Slam, Dunk, & Hook”. This story is all about Basketball. The feelings when you play, the intense emotions of the game, and the craziest and most adored moves of basketball. As I read it I felt as if this went perfectly with me. As I read it I could remember all the times I had gone around someone or made a good pass or shot. Playing basketball also made me feel extremely close to the story. Also, with all the short and very passionate sentence structure I felt fully immersed in basketball

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