My Time As A Computing Services Technician At Mount Allison University

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Things I learned from this OJT During my time as a computing services technician at Mount Allison University I gained some valuable experience in the IT field. One thing that stands out immediately is the experience of working and maintaining Apple devices. We received some introduction to Apple hardware and a short program on Apple operating systems with Mr. Murray, but did not work with Apples on a regular basis. I regularly worked on Apples in the PC lab. Another frequent task here that was briefly brushed on during my studies at NBCC was laptops, I repaired and configured dozens of laptops during my time here as well as varying models of desktop computers. I gained some experience working with several models of laptops and I even managed to find and roll out a fix for a number of laptops of the same model. I made some mistakes here and there, forgetting to remove a battery from a laptop while taking it apart as a safety precaution comes to mind. After the first week I had a chance to get over my nerves and made very few mistakes as time went on. Perhaps the most exciting part of this OJT are the service calls. These calls give both practical experience and touch a little on working with customers too. I responded to calls in offices, classrooms, and even a few hazardous environments such as a biochemistry lab, allowing me to apply some of my skills in a range of situations. Overall I find that the most important thing I have learned coming out of NBCC and into an IT

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