My Time At Plateau Asset Management

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Lessons Learned/ Anomalies: Although many analyst internship positions are individually focused, I found my time at Plateau Asset Management to be more team focused. Therefore, I learned many lessons regarding team work and communication. • Speaking Fast: In the initial Friday group meetings I found myself never allowing the other analysts to digest the material that I was explain. Musa pointed this out to me half way through the internship and told me slow down and ask questions to make sure your listeners understand what you are explaining. This became important when I began to mentor new inters because it was necessary that they retained the information that I was explaining during our time together. • Listening: Musa believed that I was a good listening, however that I could improve. Musa stated, “Always listen to respond”, when ‘listening to respond’ you absorb what the speaker is saying before responding. • Working as a Minority: The fact that I was a minority in the team of 5 analysts did not come to my attention until the end of my internship period. Musa and I found this strange because a vast majority of the financial industry is Caucasian males, however even though this internship is in financial industry I was the only white Caucasian male intern; we furthered our study and found out that I was the only white Caucasian male to even apply for the position. We thought maybe this was because the internship was virtual. • Section 3. Observations about the
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