My Time At The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

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Introduction: For my field project I chose to spend my time at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. I chose this as my destination because the convenience of being in close proximity, allowing my partner and I ease if multiple trips were needed. I also found it intriguing that an auto tour was offered. The auto tour not only provided convenience and allowed for more grounds to be covered and data luxuriously collected, but also proved advantageous when it came down to a vantage point for wildlife viewing. My field partner and I arrived at 12:31 PM exactly on a beautifully clear day. Knowing that dawn and dusk provide the best environment for wildlife viewing, the afternoon was not our first choice for visiting and observation. However, with opposite schedules, my partner and I collaborated and settled on the afternoon. The weather and timing provided a leisurely feel to the afternoon and was great for waterfowl viewing. If I were to make any suggestions to anyone with high hopes of mammal sightings, I would offer that this time of day may not be the most satisfying within the Area. The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area holds promise for many waterfowl, raptor, mammal, and other organism viewings due to its compact and diverse physical processes. Within the area my partner and I selected for extended viewing, we literally sat within the borders of wetlands, grasslands, and rice fields. In planning for our day trip, I failed to think through my choice of clothing. Regretfully and

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