My Time Management Skills And University

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Week 2: This week I had to do a PLP, Science, English and IT assignment. With all this homework, I had to use good time management skills. Furthermore, I put my ICT, literacy and critical and creative thinking capabilities to good use. Developing my time management skills and the latter capabilities, will help me when I’m at university. You need great time management skills and university if you want to finish every assignment on time and pass that assignment. If I start my assignment as soon as I get it next time, I think I will be less stressed and rushed.

Week 3: This week I handed up all my assignments, therefore I was a lot less stressed. Since my school is a technology oriented school, and we all have our own laptops, my Information and Communication Technology capability was used frequently. I had a math test, which used my numeracy capability and I am going to have an IT test soon too. I was voted into the KMSC and had to recite a speech which went well. I put my literacy capability skills to the test when I was writing my speech, and used my Personal and Social capability skills to help people to vote for me.

Week 4: This week in Health and Fitness we practiced for sports day and all of our athletic events. Being in Heath, improves my teamwork skills, which in turn improves my Personal and Social Capability. I IT I received another assignment and my induction into the Kadina Memorial School Student Council went well. On Tuesday, my friends and I went to Balaklava…
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