My Toolbox for the Future Educators

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My Toolbox for the Future Educators

Introduction: I haven’t always been a good student. There were days in school that I didn’t do a single assignment, but that was in elementary school. Soon, I learned the benefit of completely homework and doing as I’m told. I became a capable learner as I continued in my education, so to make myself into a better learner, I chose the tools that I did. Also as a future educator, I chose the tools I did because I believe I need to work on them. I’m not perfect, and neither will be my future students, so in conclusion I hope these tools be implemented in my own study habits and my future classroom.

“Personal Use Tool #1: Time Management”

Definition :Time management is the analysis of how
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Example: Below I have provided a Table of Contents that I have used in my Algebra binder, and is done by chapter.

Table of Contents

Chapter Information

1 Functions and Their Graphs

2 Linear and Quadratic Functions

3 Polynomial and Rational Functions

4 Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

10 Systems of equations & inequalities

Personal Tool # 3: Intrinsic Motivation

Definition: Intrinsic Motivation is when an individual is involved in an activity for its own sake (331 Eggen & Kauchak, 2013). This concept is when a person partake in an activity just to do it, not for an extrinsic reward. Chapter 10 is about different types of motivation, and what can motivate individuals; intrinsic motivation is both. Intrinsic motivation is unique because only a student who puts value on doing the activity can be motivated by that alone.

Purpose: “Students with an intrinsic orientation also tend to prefer tasks that are moderately challenging, whereas extrinsically oriented students gravitate toward tasks that are low in degree of difficulty. Extrinsically oriented students are inclined to put forth the minimal amount of effort necessary to get the maximal reward (Lepper, 1988)”.I agree with this statement because there are classes that I don’t enjoy , such as science, that I need extrinsic
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