My Topic For This Research Was Health Administration. Wikipedia

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My topic for this research was health administration. Wikipedia provided quantity of information on this topic. As I read the description of the terminology stating, “Health systems management or health care systems management describes the leadership and general management of hospitals, hospital networks, and/or health care systems. In international use, the term refers to management at all levels”, it then provided a footnote that lead me to World Health Organization’s Management website. World Health Organization is a reliable source. As I continued to read, I also came across another footnote on an article named National Center for Healthcare Leadership Health Leadership Competency Model Summary. I explored a secondary source by…show more content…
As I began my search on this website, I was quickly able to become aware of the website not being accurate and not accessible to the public. Many of their home tabs failed to take me to the designated location. It continued to show “failed to open page.” This made me feel uneasy about pursuing my research on this website. I or anyone in that matter would not feel comfortable using a website that cannot provide resources that are needed, which takes us back to Wikipedia not being useful in that circumstance. Moreover, Wikipedia provided more information on my research topic with a book called, A Brief History of Healthcare Management, which also ended in org online. As I used a secondary source using the Tennessee State University library search engine, I again was not able to locate this book. Tennessee State University library search continued to give me a “no results were found” result once again. Therefore, I had to now rely on google search. As I typed in the name on google search, the PDF file was displayed as the third option. The book, A Brief History of Healthcare Management was written by Cynthia Carter Haddock, Robert McLean, and Robert Chapman. This book not only provided useful information but also went into details about health care administrations work options and the important role it possesses. “It helps the readers see that careers in this
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